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Asia Continent Quiz Questions PDF - 85

The Book Asia Continent Quiz Questions, asia continent MCQ with answers PDF chapter -85 to study online courses, general knowledge tests. Practice Seven Continents trivia questions, Asia Continent Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Asia Continent Quiz App Download: erwin schrodinger, eukaryotic organelles, international energy agency, united nations security council, asia continent test prep for pre employment screening tests.

The Quiz: 'Land Of Golden Fiber' is known as PDF, "Asia Continent" App Download (Free) with indonesia, bangladesh, malaysia, and china choices for job placement test. Solve seven continents questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for best online colleges with financial aid.

Chapter Quiz: Asia Continent MCQs

MCQ: 'Land Of Golden Fiber' is known as

A) Bangladesh
B) Indonesia
C) Malaysia
D) China

MCQ: The United nations Security Council held its first ever session in

A) 26 January, 1948
B) 17 January, 1946
C) 17 January, 1949
D) 17 January, 1944

MCQ: The members of International Energy Agency belongs to


MCQ: Cell walls of bacteria are made up of substance named as

A) chitin
B) peptidoglycan
C) polypeptide
D) fimbria

MCQ: Erwin Schrodinger, won Nobel Prize for

A) wave equation formulation
B) development of matrix mechanics
C) interpretation of wave function
D) all of above

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