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Photocopier Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 53

Learn Photocopier multiple choice questions and answers, photocopier quiz answers PDF 53 to learn General Knowledge course for college certification. Practice Technology Inventions MCQ trivia questions, photocopier Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Photocopier MCQ PDF: ozone layer depletion, indian ocean, otto hahn, eukaryotic organelles, photocopier test prep for online high school and college acceptance.

"Chester Floyd Carlson invented the photocopier in", photocopier Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices 1938, 1936, 1932, and 1934 for college entrance examination. Learn technology inventions questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for free career quiz.

Photocopier Questions and Answers MCQs


Chester Floyd Carlson invented the photocopier in



Function of vacuoles in plant cells is to

store lipids
store proteins
store water
release enzymes


Scientist, Otto Hahn, was nominated for Nobel Prize in Chemistry by

Karl Marx
Werner Heisenberg
Adolf von Beyer


Aden' is major port in



Layer of atmosphere in which the Ozone layer lies is


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