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Chlorofluorocarbons Quiz Answers PDF - 195

The Book Chlorofluorocarbons Quiz Questions and Answers, chlorofluorocarbons MCQ questions PDF chapter -195 to download online courses, general knowledge tests. Solve Earths Atmosphere MCQ questions, Chlorofluorocarbons Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Chlorofluorocarbons Trivia App Download: unesco, fritz haber, greenhouse effect, pedosphere, chlorofluorocarbons test prep for online career assessment.

The Quiz: Chlorofluorocarbons are replacing with less harmful compounds such as PDF, "Chlorofluorocarbons" App APK Download with hydrofluorocarbons, hydrocarbons, dichlorodifluoromethane, and difluoroethane choices for questions to ask in an interview. Study earths atmosphere questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for job assessment test.

Trivia Quiz: Chlorofluorocarbons MCQs

MCQ: Chlorofluorocarbons are replacing with less harmful compounds such as

A) hydrocarbons
B) hydrofluorocarbons
C) dichlorodifluoromethane
D) difluoroethane

MCQ: Outermost layer of Earth which is composed of soil is known as

A) cryosphere
B) pedosphere
C) lithosphere
D) hydrosphere

MCQ: One which is not considered as naturally occurring greenhouse gas is

A) carbon dioxide
B) methane
C) nitrous oxide
D) ethane

MCQ: German scientist, Fritz Haber, received Nobel Prize in the field of Chemistry in

A) 1912
B) 1914
C) 1916
D) 1918

MCQ: Headquarter of 'UNESCO' is located in

A) Washington
B) New York City
C) Geneva
D) Nairobi

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