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Cell Biology Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Cell Biology quiz questions and answers, cell biology MCQs with answers PDF 136 to practice general knowledge mock tests for online graduate programs. Practice "Life on Earth" quiz questions with answers, cell biology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for online college classes. Free cell biology MCQs, solar systems, venus facts, layers of atmosphere, johannes hans danniel jensen, cell biology test prep for online college admission.

"Example of unicellular organisms is", cell biology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices animals, bacteria, plants, and nucleic acid for free career quiz. Learn life on earth questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for college entrance exams. Cell Biology Video

Quiz on Cell Biology PDF Download eBook

Cell Biology Quiz

MCQ: Example of unicellular organisms is

  1. bacteria
  2. animals
  3. plants
  4. nucleic acid


Johannes Hans Danniel Jensen Quiz

MCQ: Johannes Hans Danniel Jensen, received Nobel Prize for

  1. separation of uranium isotopes
  2. nuclear shell model
  3. charge coupled device
  4. electroweak unification


Layers of Atmosphere Quiz

MCQ: Second lowest layer of Earth's atmosphere is

  1. troposphere
  2. stratosphere
  3. mesosphere
  4. ionosphere


Venus Facts Quiz

MCQ: Second bright object in sky during night after Moon is

  1. Mercury
  2. Earth
  3. Venus
  4. Mars


Solar Systems Quiz

MCQ: Objects that revolve directly around the sun in particular orbit are known as

  1. planets
  2. stars
  3. asteroids
  4. comets