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FAQ: Questions on General Knowledge PDF Download eBook p. 76

Practice "Questions on General Knowledge" quiz PDF to solve college courses test 76 for medical and nursing interview questions. Questions on general knowledge to solve general knowledge quiz with answers for job placement test.

"Chemical name for vitamin e is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices carotene, cyanocobalamin, riboflavin, and tacopherol for best online colleges. Learn chemical name for vitamin e questions and answers with free online certification courses for grad school interview questions.

Quiz on Questions on General Knowledge Worksheet PDF Download eBook 76

Questions on General Knowledge

MCQ: Chemical name for vitamin E is

  1. cyanocobalamin
  2. carotene
  3. riboflavin
  4. tacopherol


Interactive Learning Guide for GK Students and Teachers

MCQ: Jaundice affects the

  1. liver
  2. intestine
  3. stomach
  4. pancreas


General Knowledge Study Material

MCQ: Cotton fiber is rooted from

  1. root
  2. stem
  3. leaf
  4. seed


FTCE Professional Education Test Study Guide

MCQ: Who discovered the Linotype?

  1. Charles A. Bell
  2. Charles Summer Tainter
  3. Ottmar Mergenthaler
  4. Jacques Edwin Brandenberger


GK and Most Important Questions - General Knowledge Questions

MCQ: Nitrogen in urea is present in the form of

  1. iron
  2. amide
  3. ammonium nitrate
  4. phosphorous