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FAQ: Electronics Engineering Interview Quizzes PDF Download eBook p. 28

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Practice "Electronics Engineering Interview Quizzes" quiz PDF to solve basic electronics worksheet 28 for online degree programs. Electronics engineering interview quizzes to solve basic electronics quiz with answers for online assessment test for jobs.

"One color light i.e. light which contains only single frequency is called" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices dichromatic light, monochromatic light, trichromatic light, and none of these for top engineering universities. Practice light questions and answers with free online certification courses for college admission test.

Quiz on Electronics Engineering Interview Quizzes Worksheet PDF Download eBook 28

Electronics Engineering Interview Quizzes

MCQ: One color light i.e. light which contains only single frequency is called

  1. monochromatic light
  2. dichromatic light
  3. trichromatic light
  4. None of these


Technical Quiz Questions with Answers in Electronics

MCQ: Ten times decrease or increase in the particular value for example voltage, frequency, resistance is called

  1. Double
  2. Quadrupler
  3. Decade
  4. Trice


Basic Electronics Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

MCQ: Discharge of high voltage through an insulating path that can destroy an electric field is called

  1. electrostatic discharge
  2. optical discharge
  3. thermal discharge
  4. nuclear discharge


Basic Electronics Engineering Quiz with Answers

MCQ: Result obtained when base of number is raised to a power equal to logarithm of that number is called

  1. logarithm
  2. antilogarithm
  3. exponential
  4. trigonometry


Electrical and Electronics Engineers Interview Questions and Answers

MCQ: A material that conducts electrical current very well is

  1. insulator
  2. conductor
  3. semiconductor
  4. None of these