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Parallel Plate Capacitor Multiple Choice Questions p. 194

Study Parallel Plate Capacitor multiple choice questions and answers, parallel plate capacitor quiz answers PDF 194 to study Engineering Physics course online. Capacitors and Capacitance MCQ trivia questions, Parallel Plate Capacitor Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Parallel Plate Capacitor MCQ" PDF eBook: applied physics introduction, speed of traveling wave, transformers, kepler law of periods for solar system, parallel plate capacitor test prep for online college admission.

"Field is perfectly uniform only when the plates size is" MCQ PDF: approaches to one, approaches to zero, infinite, and none of above for questions to ask in an interview. Learn capacitors and capacitance questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for job assessment test.

Parallel Plate Capacitor Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: Field is perfectly uniform only when the plates size is

approaches to zero
approaches to one
none of above

MCQ: Ratio T2/a3 for Saturn is equals to

3.01x10-34 y2/m3
2.98x10-34 y2/m3
2.96x10-34 y2/m3
2.99x10-34 y2/m3

MCQ: Iron core on which arc wound a primary and secondary coil is called


MCQ: If a wave traveling along a string is y(x,t)=0.0032sin(72.1x-2.72t), in which numerical constants are in SI units i.e. 0.0032m, 72.1rad/m and 2.72rad/s, then period of wave is

1.45 s
2.31 s
15.34 s
0.5 s

MCQ: Micro circuitry and high-speed computers were developed in era of

modern physics
quantum physics
classical physics
electromagnetic physics