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Semimajor Axis 'a' of Planets Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download - 109

Practice Semimajor Axis 'a' of Planets quiz questions and answers PDF, semimajor axis 'a' of planets trivia questions to solve engineering physics worksheet 109 for online graduate programs. Practice Newtonian Gravitation quiz questions with answers, semimajor axis 'a' of planets Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for online university degrees. Free semimajor axis 'a' of planets MCQs, relating linear and angular variables, series and parallel resistances, magnetic moment, unit vector, semimajor axis 'a' of planets test prep to enroll in online classes.

"An ellipse longest diameter is", semimajor axis 'a' of planets Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices minor axis, major axis, semimajor axis, and semiminor axis for associate degrees in engineering.

Quiz on Semimajor Axis 'a' of Planets PDF Download 109

Semimajor Axis 'a' of Planets Quiz

MCQ: An ellipse longest diameter is

  1. major axis
  2. minor axis
  3. semimajor axis
  4. semiminor axis


Unit Vector Quiz

MCQ: By adding magnitude of two unit vectors, we get

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 4
  4. 0


Magnetic Moment Quiz

MCQ: Magnetic moment of proton is

  1. 5.05x10-27 J/T
  2. 1.41x10-26 J/T
  3. 9.28x10-24 J/T
  4. 1.28x10-24 J/T


Series and Parallel Resistances Quiz

MCQ: When resistances are in series, they have

  1. same current
  2. same potential difference
  3. same inductance
  4. same capacitance


Relating Linear and Angular Variables Quiz

MCQ: Linear speed ds/dt is equals to

  1. dθ/dt
  2. dθ/dr
  3. dθ.r/dt