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VLSI Design Flow Practice Test PDF Download eBook - 54

VLSI Design Flow mock test for exam PDF, vlsi design flow MCQ with answers to solve integrated circuits worksheet 54 for online engineering degrees. Practice "Introduction to Digital Integrated Circuits" quiz questions and answers, vlsi design flow Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online electronics engineering degree. Free vlsi design flow MCQs, mosfet as switch, power dissipation sources, structure and physical operation, cmos transistors, vlsi design flow test prep for online undergraduate engineering schools.

"ERC stands for", vlsi design flow Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices electronic rule check, electrical rule check, electronic resistance check, and electrical resistance check to apply to colleges online.

Trivia Quiz on VLSI Design Flow PDF Download eBook 54

VLSI Design Flow Quiz

MCQ: ERC stands for

  1. Electrical rule check
  2. Electronic rule check
  3. Electronic resistance check
  4. Electrical resistance check


CMOS Transistors Quiz

MCQ: Due to the De Morgan's laws based logic, the PMOS transistors in parallel have corresponding NMOS transistors in

  1. parallel
  2. series
  3. either parallel or series
  4. none of above


Structure & Physical Operation Quiz

MCQ: Threshold voltage is basically

  1. source voltage
  2. gate voltage
  3. drain voltage
  4. combined voltage of all


Power dissipation sources Quiz

MCQ: When the transistor is in sub threshold region, or weak-inversion region, gate-to-source voltages will be

  1. above threshold voltage
  2. below threshold voltage
  3. equal to threshold voltage
  4. constant threshold voltage


MOSFET as switch Quiz

MCQ: MOSFET is ON when conductance of MOSFET is

  1. 0
  2. 1
  3. infinite
  4. variable