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Zener diode application Quiz Questions PDF - 45

The Book Zener diode application Quiz Questions, zener diode application quiz answers PDF download chapter 11-45 to study online electronic circuit design degree courses. Practice Special Purpose Diodes MCQ Questions PDF, zener diode application Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book Zener diode application Quiz App Download: zener diode, class c amplifiers, current in semiconductors, class power amplifiers, zener diode application test prep for college entrance test.

The Quiz: When Zz = 3.5 ohm Vz = 6.8V at a test current of 37mA when current is 50mA then voltage across zener terminals will be PDF, "Zener diode application" App Download (Free) with 5.68v, 5.5v, 6.76v, and 6.85v choices for engineering graduate schools. Solve special purpose diodes questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample to enroll in online colleges.

Electronic Circuit Design Quiz: Zener diode application MCQs PDF Download - 45

MCQ: When Zz = 3.5 ohm Vz = 6.8V at a test current of 37mA when current is 50mA then voltage across zener terminals will be

A) 5.5V
B) 5.68V
C) 6.76V
D) 6.85V

MCQ: For BJT power transistor the critical junction is a

A) amitter terminal
B) collector terminal
C) base terminal
D) Both a and b

MCQ: At room temperature, intrinsic semiconductor is

A) Bad Conductor
B) Insulator
C) Good Conductor
D) none of above

MCQ: If the transistor is on for a short time it can be represented as

A) Ton
B) Toff
C) Tin
D) Tout

MCQ: In order for a system to function properly, the various types of circuits that make up the system must be

A) properly biased
B) properly connected
C) properly interfaced
D) all of the above

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