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The Book Zener diode application Quiz Questions PDF, zener diode application Quizzes, download chapter 11-20 to download online electronic circuit design course. Solve Special Purpose Diodes Quiz Answers PDF, zener diode application Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Zener diode application Trivia App Download: class b and ab push pull amplifiers, materials used in electronics, pn junction, regulators, zener diode application test prep for online high school and college acceptance.

The MCQ Quiz: The maximum current when power specification is 1W and voltage of 10V will be PDF, Zener diode application MCQ App APK Download with 70ma, 50ma, 100ma, and 110ma choices for grad school interview questions. Study special purpose diodes questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for undergraduate engineering schools.

Electronic Circuit Design: Zener diode application Textbook Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: The maximum current when power specification is 1W and voltage of 10V will be

A) 50mA
B) 70mA
C) 100mA
D) 110mA

MCQ: A 10 V peak - to - peak sinusoidal voltage is applied across a silicon diode and series resistor. The maximum voltage across the diode is

A) 0.7 V
B) 10 V
C) 9.3 V
D) 5 V

MCQ: The depletion region is consist of

A) nothing but minority carriers
B) positive and negative ions
C) no majority carriers
D) answer b and c

MCQ: Maximum no of electrons in a shell can be determined by the formula

A) 2n²
B) 2n²
C) 2n4
D) 2n5

MCQ: When the Vcc = 20V then the ideal maximum peak output voltage is

A) 5V
B) 10V
C) 15V
D) 20V

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