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Capacitance MCQ with Answers PDF Download eBook - 53

Capacitance multiple choice questions and answers PDF, capacitance quiz answers to learn circuit analysis worksheet 53 for online engineering programs. Practice "Circuit Concepts" quiz, capacitance Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online electrical engineering degree. Free capacitance MCQs, ohm's law, mutual inductance, ideal and practical filters, dot rule, capacitance test prep for online associate degree in engineering.

"In order to maximize the charge of capacitor, dielectric must have", capacitance Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices high permittivity, low permittivity, permittivity must be zero, and low breakdown voltage for online engineering associate's degree.

Capacitance PDF Download eBook 53

Capacitance Quiz

MCQ: In order to maximize the charge of capacitor, dielectric must have

  1. low permittivity
  2. high permittivity
  3. permittivity must be zero
  4. low breakdown voltage


Dot Rule Quiz

MCQ: To find the natural current direction corresponding to the second flux, we use

  1. left hand rule
  2. right hand rule
  3. pin point rule
  4. thumb rule


Ideal and Practical Filters Quiz

MCQ: Filters are mainly divided into

  1. two types
  2. three types
  3. four types
  4. five types


Mutual Inductance Quiz

MCQ: Mutual inductance is measured in

  1. Farads
  2. Henry
  3. Siemens
  4. Ohms


Ohm's law Quiz

MCQ: The physical property to resist current is known as

  1. Conductance
  2. Resistance
  3. Ohm's law
  4. Insulation