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Mutual Inductance Practice Test PDF Download eBook - 96

Mutual Inductance mock test for exam PDF, mutual inductance MCQ with answers to solve circuit analysis worksheet 96 for online engineering degrees. Practice "Mutual Inductance and Transformers" quiz questions and answers, mutual inductance Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online electronics engineering degree. Free mutual inductance MCQs, ideal transformers, complex power, apparent power and power triangle, frequency response, impedance and admittance, mutual inductance test prep for undergraduate engineering schools.

"By Faraday's law, voltage across the inductor is, v=", mutual inductance Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices λ/dt, dλ/dt, dλ/t, and λ/i for online engineering graduate schools.

Trivia Quiz on Mutual Inductance PDF Download eBook 96

Mutual Inductance Quiz

MCQ: By Faraday's law, voltage across the inductor is, v=

  1. dλ/dt
  2. λ/dt
  3. dλ/t
  4. λ/i


Impedance and Admittance Quiz

MCQ: When reactance is positive, it is called

  1. inductive reactance
  2. capacitive reactance
  3. impulse
  4. Phasor


Frequency Response Quiz

MCQ: If I and V are current and voltage of a tow port network, than I/V is equals to

  1. input admittance
  2. input impedance
  3. voltage transfer ratio
  4. current transfer ratio


Complex Power, Apparent Power and Power Triangle Quiz

MCQ: P and Q can be bought together in the form of a vector quantity called

  1. apparent power
  2. complex power
  3. power triangle
  4. RMS power


Ideal Transformers Quiz

MCQ: The transformer whose secondary voltage is less than its primary voltage is known as

  1. Air-core transformer
  2. Linear transformer
  3. Step-down Transformer
  4. Step-up Transformer