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Circuit Structure Quiz Questions and Answers PDF | Download eBooks - 85

Solve Circuit structure quiz questions and answers PDF, circuit structure MCQ with answers to practice digital electronics worksheet 85 with online free courses. Practice CMOS Inverters quiz questions with answers, circuit structure Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve digital electronics test with answers for online electronics engineering degree. Free circuit structure MCQs, ptl introduction, history of digital electronics, bicmos inverter, operation of sense amplifier, circuit structure test prep for tricky trivia questions.

"Each switch is modeled by a finite ON resistance, which is the", circuit structure Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices source-drain resistance, gate-drain resistance, source-gate resistance, and source -body resistance for university entrance exam. Learn cmos inverters questions and answers with free online certification courses for employment assessment test.

Quiz on Circuit Structure PDF Download eBook 85

Circuit Structure Quiz

MCQ: Each switch is modeled by a finite ON resistance, which is the

  1. gate-drain resistance
  2. source-drain resistance
  3. source-gate resistance
  4. source -body resistance


Operation of Sense Amplifier Quiz

MCQ: Large signal model is

  1. linear
  2. non linear
  3. exponential
  4. constant


BiCMOS Inverter Quiz

MCQ: BiCMOS Inverter at its result side has

  1. low input impedance
  2. low output impedance
  3. high output impedance
  4. slow switching speed


History of Digital Electronics Quiz

MCQ: In the period of 'second-generation of computer, vacuum tubes were replaced by

  1. switches
  2. transistors
  3. relays
  4. transformers


PTL Introduction Quiz

MCQ: Logic in which switches are not connected directly to supply voltages is

  1. PTL
  2. TTL
  3. DTL
  4. RTL