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Pseudo NMOS Inverter Trivia Questions PDF p. 129

Learn Pseudo NMOS Inverter trivia questions and answers, pseudo nmos inverter quiz answers PDF 129 to practice Digital Electronics exam questions for online classes. Practice Pseudo NMOS Logic Circuits MCQ questions bank, pseudo nmos inverter Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Pseudo nmos inverter Trivia" book PDF: basic cmos gate structure representation, cmos exclusive or gate, serial communication introduction, mesfets basics, pseudo nmos inverter test prep for online assessment test for jobs.

"Circuit which consist of a driver transistor and load transistor is called", pseudo nmos inverter Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices pseudo circuit, bicmos circuit, bjt circuit, and ttl circuit for free career test. Learn pseudo nmos logic circuits questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for questions to ask in an interview.

Trivia Quiz on Pseudo NMOS Inverter


Circuit which consist of a driver transistor and load transistor is called

BiCMOS circuit
Pseudo circuit
BJT circuit
TTL circuit


Instead of using a p-n junction for a gate, MESFET used

metal-semiconductor junction
non metal-semiconductor junction
metal-conductor junction
metal-superconductor junction


In serial communications, a low level is called a

mark state
unmask state
stable state
space state


Which of the output is easier to synthesize by the PUN?



Y=A+B represents

AND gate
NOR gate
OR gate
NOT gate
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