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Today Web Worksheet with Answers PDF Download eBook - 87

Learn Today Web worksheet with answers PDF, today web MCQ with answers to solve semantic web test worksheet 87 for online past papers exam. Practice Semantic Web Vision trivia questions and answers, today web Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online information technology degree. Free today web MCQs, nonmonotonic rules, structuring of xml language, three sublanguages of owl, description of owl language, today web test prep for master's degree in computer science.

"The U.S. government invested in Semantic Web by launching the project named", today web Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices xaml, saml, daml, and waml for top online computer science programs.

Trivia Quiz on Today Web PDF Download 87

Today Web Quiz

MCQ: The U.S. government invested in Semantic Web by launching the project named

  1. SAML
  2. XAML
  3. DAML
  4. WAML


Description of OWL Language Quiz

MCQ: One of the constraint of OWL DL is that anonymous classes can only be allowed as range or domain of owl:equivalentClass or owl:disjointWith, is also referred as

  1. property separation
  2. explicit typing
  3. vocabulary partitioning
  4. restricted anonymous classes


Three Sublanguages of OWL Quiz

MCQ: One of the element that is not an OWL constructor is

  1. owl:Class
  2. owl:DatatypeProperty
  3. owl:ObjectProperty
  4. owl:ClassProperty


Structuring of XML Language Quiz

MCQ: In XML document, the first component of attribute list is called

  1. attribute name
  2. element type name
  3. value type
  4. attribute type


Nonmonotonic Rules Quiz

MCQ: To permit conflicts among rules, the head and body contain

  1. negated atomic formulas
  2. negated formulas
  3. positive atomic formulas
  4. positive formulas