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Applications of Semantic Web Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 37

Applications of Semantic Web quiz questions and answers, applications of semantic web MCQ with answers PDF 37 to solve Semantic Web mock tests for online college programs. Solve Applications trivia questions, applications of semantic web Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Applications of Semantic Web Interview Questions PDF: today web, description of owl language, semantic web technologies, xml language, applications of semantic web test prep for computer information science.

"Finding a related skill is a problem of" MCQ PDF with choices swiss life, elsevier, audi company, and e-learning for associates in computer science. Practice applications questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for free online classes.

Quiz on Applications of Semantic Web MCQs

MCQ: Finding a related skill is a problem of

swiss life
audi company

MCQ: A well-defined XML document must not have

one root element, only
unique attribute names
tag overlapping
opening and closing tag for each element

MCQ: Ontologies are useful for Web in term(s) of

All of them

MCQ: According to OWL DL constraints for anonymous classes, that it can be domain or range of

owl:one of

MCQ: An activity to translate the meaning of information is called

location finder
information retrieval