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Applications of Semantic Web Worksheet with Answers PDF Download eBook - 15

Learn Applications of Semantic Web worksheet with answers PDF, applications of semantic web MCQ with answers to solve semantic web test worksheet 15 for online past papers exam. Practice Applications trivia questions and answers, applications of semantic web Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online information technology degree. Free applications of semantic web MCQs, from today web to semantic web, ontology engineering, conclusion and outlook to semantic web, namespaces of xml language, applications of semantic web test prep for bachelor's degree in computer science.

"Not an instructor-driven is the problem of", applications of semantic web Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices elsevier, swiss life, audi company, and e-learning to learn free online courses.

Trivia Quiz on Applications of Semantic Web PDF Download 15

Applications of Semantic Web Quiz

MCQ: Not an instructor-driven is the problem of

  1. swiss life
  2. Elsevier
  3. audi company
  4. E-Learning


Namespaces of XML Language Quiz

MCQ: Using Xpath, the right way to address all 'subject' attribute having the word 'compulsory' with in 'school' element is

  1. \school\class\@subject=[.="compulsory"]
  2. /@subject=[.="compulsory"]
  3. /@subject/=[.="compulsory"]
  4. /school/class/@subject=[.="compulsory"]


Conclusion and Outlook to Semantic Web Quiz

MCQ: Snobase ontology Management System is a Semantic Web contribution of

  1. Adobe
  2. Oracle
  3. HP
  4. IBM


Ontology Engineering Quiz

MCQ: A machine learning technique for making groups based on similarity is called

  1. Bayesian learning
  2. First-order logic rules learning
  3. clustering
  4. Propositional rule learning


From Today Web to Semantic Web Quiz

MCQ: Machine understandable is a mistaken term most often used for

  1. machine accessible
  2. machine storable
  3. machine consumption
  4. machine process able