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Substring Selection Quiz Questions and Answers p. 19

Practice Substring selection quiz questions and answers PDF, substring selection MCQ with answers worksheet 19 for online past papers exam. Practice "PHP String Handling" quiz questions with answers, substring selection Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online . Free substring selection MCQs, using web server logs, home grown alternatives, ternary operator, transformation of arrays, substring selection test prep for master's degree in computer science.

"In substring selection which function modifies a string?", substring selection Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices slicing, strchar ( ), dicing, and none of them for top online computer science programs. Learn php string handling questions and answers with free online certification courses for BSc computer science.

Quiz on Substring Selection


In substring selection which function modifies a string?

Strchar ( )
None of them


For changing arrays into strings, which function is used?

exp ( )
explode ( )
implode ( )
imp ( )


TestExpression ? yesExperssion : noExpression is an example of

Logical operator
Assignment operator
Ternary operator
None of them


What kind of session will maintain its identity as long as user stays within a site?

Cookie based session
Variable based session
None of them


500 series codes indicates a

Client side error
Server side error