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Traditional UNIX System Quiz Answers PDF Download - 69

The Book Traditional UNIX System Quiz Questions and Answers, traditional unix system MCQ questions PDF chapter 5-69 to download online courses, operating system tests. Solve Operating System Overview MCQ questions, traditional unix system Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book Traditional UNIX System Tests App Download: traditional unix system, linux operating system, user operating system interface, what operating system do, symmetric multiprocessing test prep for computer information science.

The MCQ Quiz: Solaris 10 is known to be the most successful commercial PDF, "Traditional UNIX System" App APK Download with unix implementation, linux implementation, window vista implementation, and microsoft windows implementation choices for associates in computer science. Study operating system overview questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for free online classes.

Trivia Quiz: Traditional UNIX System MCQs

MCQ: Solaris 10 is known to be the most successful commercial

A) Linux Implementation
B) UNIX Implementation
C) Window Vista Implementation
D) Microsoft Windows Implementation

MCQ: In Linux character device manager, calls are used to manage

A) Processes
B) Devices
C) Memory
D) Resources

MCQ: KDE operating system environment is an abbreviation of

A) K- desktop environment
B) Kat desktop environment
C) Kit desktop environment
D) Key desktop environment

MCQ: TB in memory storage unit is an abbreviation of

A) TetraBit
B) Terabyte
C) Terabit
D) TetraByte

MCQ: Windows supports an SMP hardware for

A) Efficiency
B) Reliability
C) Configuration
D) Accuracy

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