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Concurrency Deadlock and Starvation Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 25

Practice Concurrency Deadlock and Starvation quiz questions and answers, concurrency deadlock and starvation MCQ with answers PDF 25 to solve Operating System mock tests for online college programs. Solve Concurrency Mutual Exclusion and Synchronization trivia questions, concurrency deadlock and starvation Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Concurrency Deadlock and Starvation Quiz PDF: instruction execution, computer system organization, operating system objectives and functions, system calls in operating system, concurrency deadlock and starvation test prep for online computer engineering programs.

"The controller process services writes a", concurrency deadlock and starvation Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices read message, write message, request message, and message for master's degree in computer science. Practice concurrency mutual exclusion and synchronization questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for computer information science.

Quiz on Concurrency Deadlock & Starvation MCQs


The controller process services writes a

Write Message
Read Message
Request Message


Number of byte to be read into the buffer of the system is

DWORD bytesTowrite
DWORD bytesToread
WORD bytesTowrite
WORD bytesToread


The access control in operating system is just another name for

Data manipulation
Files Access
Compartmentalization of resources
Data and Resources Access


After fetching an instruction, the computer performs



The set of all logical addresses generated by a program is referred to as a

Memory Addresses
Physical Addresses
Logical address Space
Buffer Addresses

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