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Operating system operations quiz questions and answers, operating system operations MCQ with answers PDF 1 to solve Operating System mock tests for online college programs. Solve Introduction to Operating Systems trivia questions, operating system operations Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Operating system operations Quiz PDF: operating system structure, process description, thread states, computer system architecture, operating system operations test prep for computer information science.

"Dual mode of operating system has" MCQ PDF with choices 2 modes, 1 mode, 3 modes, and 4 modes for associates in computer science. Practice introduction to operating systems questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for free online classes.

Quiz on Operating system operations MCQs

MCQ: Dual mode of operating system has

1 mode
2 modes
3 modes
4 modes

MCQ: Multi-processor system gives a

Small system
Tightly coupled system
loosely coupled system
Macro system

MCQ: When a thread needs to wait for an event it will


MCQ: Memory tables are used to keep the track of

Real and Virtual Memory
I/O Devices
I/O Modules+J77

MCQ: Logical extension of multiprogramming operating system is

Time sharing
single programing
both a and b

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