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Half Inch Tape Cartridge Worksheet with Answers PDF Download eBook - 18

Learn Half Inch Tape Cartridge worksheet with answers PDF, half inch tape cartridge MCQ with answers to solve computer technology test worksheet 18 for online past papers exam. Practice Secondary Storage Devices trivia questions and answers, half inch tape cartridge Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online information technology degree. Free half inch tape cartridge MCQs, output devices, hard disks, magnetic tape advantages, harvard mark i, half inch tape cartridge test prep for accelerated computer science degree online.

"A convenient way is provided by tape cartridges to", half inch tape cartridge Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices compress tape, compact tape, package tape, and streamed tape for best online schools for computer science.

Trivia Quiz on Half Inch Tape Cartridge PDF Download 18

Half Inch Tape Cartridge Quiz

MCQ: A convenient way is provided by tape cartridges to

  1. Compact tape
  2. Compress tape
  3. Package tape
  4. Streamed tape


Harvard Mark I Quiz

MCQ: The MARK I device consisted of separate pieces that marked

  1. 740,000 pieces
  2. 750,000 pieces
  3. 760,000 pieces
  4. 770,000 pieces


Magnetic Tape Advantages Quiz

MCQ: Device used for transferring programs and data between computers that are not linked is known to be

  1. Disk drive
  2. Magnetic tapes
  3. Magnetic drives
  4. Disk Packs


Hard Disks Quiz

MCQ: Winchester disks user larger storage capacity for same number of disks than the

  1. Compact Disk
  2. Disk Packs
  3. Bernoulli Disk
  4. Zip Disk


Output Devices Quiz

MCQ: Type of computer storage, that is said to be faster in access is

  1. Compact storage
  2. Primary storage
  3. Secondary storage
  4. Virtual storage