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HTML Tags Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 10

Practice HTML Tags quiz questions and answers PDF, html tags trivia questions PDF to solve web development worksheet 10 for online computer science degrees. Practice Introduction to HTML quiz questions and answers, html tags Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve html test with answers for online information technology degree. Free html tags MCQs, MCQs, xhtml html, html head, html forms, html semantics, html tags test prep for web design certifications.

"The tags used to tell the browser that how to display the text enclosed (e.g. <b>, <big>) are called as", html tags Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices logical tags, physical tags, user defined tags, and none for information technology masters programs. Learn introduction to html questions and answers with free online certification courses for IT certifications.

Quiz on HTML Tags PDF Download eBook 10

HTML Tags Quiz

MCQ: The tags used to tell the browser that how to display the text enclosed (e.g. <b>, <big>) are called as

  1. Physical tags
  2. Logical tags
  3. User defined tags
  4. None


HTML Semantics Quiz

MCQ: Which of the following is not semantic element?

  1. <table>
  2. <article>
  3. <div>
  4. <form>


HTML Forms Quiz

MCQ: The action attribute in HTMl forms specifies that

  1. Which HTTP method is used
  2. Which action is going on
  3. Where to submit the form
  4. The auto completion of form


HTML Head Quiz

MCQ: The title element defines the title of the document at

  1. Header
  2. Web browser
  3. Middle of the Document
  4. Footer



MCQ: The next version of XHTML 1.0 is

  1. HTML 1.1
  2. HTML 4.01
  3. HTML 3.2
  4. HTML5