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Smoothing and Sharpening Quiz Questions PDF - 37

The Book Smoothing and Sharpening Quiz Questions PDF, smoothing and sharpening Quizzes, download chapter 1-37 to learn online digital image processing course. Practice Color Image Processing MCQs with answers PDF, smoothing and sharpening Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Smoothing and Sharpening Quiz App Download: smoothing and sharpening, point line and edge detection, restoration in presence of noise, hit or miss transformation, erosion and dilation test prep for online software development courses.

The Quiz: Image can be sharpened using PDF, "Smoothing and Sharpening" App Download (Free) with contouring, low pass filter, erosion, and high pass filter choices for online computer science and engineering. Solve color image processing questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample to learn free online courses.

Image Processing: Smoothing & Sharpening Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Image can be sharpened using

A) low pass filter
B) contouring
C) erosion
D) high pass filter

MCQ: Points exceeding the threshold in output image are marked as

A) 0
B) 1
C) 11
D) x

MCQ: Mean filters reduce noise using

A) sharpening
B) blurring
C) restoration
D) acquisition

MCQ: Structuring element is also called

A) pixels
B) lines
C) subimage
D) noise

MCQ: With dilation process images get

A) thinner
B) shrinked
C) thickened
D) sharpened

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