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Practice Database Languages quiz questions and answers PDF, database languages trivia questions 78 to learn online Database Systems course for online classes. Introduction to DBMS MCQ questions, Database Languages Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Database Languages Quiz" PDF eBook: relational algebra, dbms design process, encryption and applications, sql data definition, database languages test prep for computer science associate degree.

"Database modifications can cause violations of" MCQ PDF: referential integrity, consistency constraints, domain constraints, and assertion integrity for computer software engineer online degree. Solve introduction to dbms questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for 2 year computer science degree.

Trivia Quiz on Database Languages MCQs

MCQ: Database modifications can cause violations of

Consistency Constraints
Referential integrity
Domain Constraints
Assertion integrity

MCQ: The full form or varchar is equivalent to

Character varying
Variable character
Charter varying
Variable charter

MCQ: An alternative scheme used to avoid the problems of symmetric-key encryption is called

Hybrid-key encryption
Modulation-key encryption
Public-key encryption
Private-key encryption

MCQ: The implementation process of the database proceeds in

One final design phase
Two final design phases
Three final design phases
Four final design phases

MCQ: The set difference operation is ensured to be applied over compatible data, just like