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Bitmap Indices Multiple Choice Questions p. 305

Study Bitmap Indices multiple choice questions and answers, bitmap indices quiz answers PDF 305 to study Database Systems course online. Indexing and Hashing MCQ trivia questions, Bitmap Indices Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Bitmap Indices MCQ" PDF eBook: query optimization techniques, types of storage structure, basic structure of sql queries, sql data definition, bitmap indices test prep for computer and information science.

"The hashing technique can be used to create secondary indices, known to be" MCQ PDF: dynamic indices, virtual indices, hash indices, and extendable indices for accelerated computer science degree online. Learn indexing and hashing questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for bachelor's degree in computer science.

Bitmap Indices Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: The hashing technique can be used to create secondary indices, known to be

Virtual indices
Dynamic indices
Hash indices
Extendable indices

MCQ: When comparing two values of type char, if they are of different lengths, then for comparison

Extra bits are added
Extra characters are added
Extra spaces are added
Special characters are added

MCQ: In the formal, mathematical definition of the relational model, a relation is a


MCQ: When a transaction finishes its final statement, it enters the

Partially committed state
Committed state
Active state
Evaluate state

MCQ: The technique chosen by the database system for evaluation of an operation depends on the size of

Distribution of columns
Distribution of tuples
Both A and B