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Database Authorization Worksheet with Answers PDF Download eBook - 300

Learn Database authorization worksheet with answers PDF, database authorization MCQ with answers to solve data science test 300 for online CS degrees. Practice Intermediate SQL trivia questions and answers, database authorization Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online DBMS, DBA. Free database authorization MCQs, relational algebra, java database connectivity (jdbc), specialty databases, advanced aggregation features, database authorization test prep for online computer science and engineering.

"In most database systems, cascading revocation is the", database authorization Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices acceptable behavior, non acceptable behavior, by default behavior, and not encouraged behavior for software engineering online courses. Learn intermediate sql questions and answers with free online certification courses for top computer science schools.

Trivia Quiz on Database Authorization PDF Download eBook

Database Authorization Quiz

MCQ: In most database systems, cascading revocation is the

  1. Non acceptable behavior
  2. Acceptable behavior
  3. By default behavior
  4. Not encouraged behavior


Advanced Aggregation Features Quiz

MCQ: When ranking is performed along with a groupby clause, the operation of the group by is calculated

  1. End of the statements
  2. Before ranking
  3. After ranking
  4. After sequencing


Specialty Databases Quiz

MCQ: Object-oriented data model combines features of the

  1. Relational and Object-based data model
  2. Entity relationship and Object-based data model
  3. Rational and Object-based Data model
  4. Semistructured and Object-based data model


Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) Quiz

MCQ: Each database product that supports JDBC provides a

  1. JDBC manager
  2. JDBC driver
  3. JDBC administrator
  4. JDBC host


Relational Algebra Quiz

MCQ: If we have relations of type r1(R1) and r2(R2), then r1 ? r2 is a relation whose schema is the

  1. Union of R1 and R2
  2. Projection of R1 and R2
  3. Concatenation of R1 and R2
  4. Selection of R1 and R2