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Database Views Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 205

Database Views quiz questions and answers, database views MCQ with answers PDF 205 to solve Database Systems mock tests for online college programs. Learn SQL Concepts and Queries trivia questions, database views Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Database Views Quiz PDF: database system development, dbms keys, physical storage media, modeling temporal data, database views test prep for computer information science.

"View maintenance can be done immediately on the relations on which the view is defined is" MCQ PDF with choices updated, called, used, and retrieved for associates in computer science. Practice sql concepts and queries questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for free online classes.

Quiz on Database Views MCQs

MCQ: View maintenance can be done immediately on the relations on which the view is defined is


MCQ: The form of data, having an associated time interval during which it is valid, is known as

Temporal data
Snapshot data
Chunk data
Point in time data

MCQ: The contents of main memory storage are lost in occurrence of

Power fails
System crash
Domain change
Both A and B

MCQ: A relation, say r1, may include among its attributes the primary key of another relation, say r2. the r2 is also known as

Referenced relation
Node relation
Parent relation
Referencing relation

MCQ: Systems that includes interaction with people, focus on having

Low throughput
High throughput
High response time
Low response time

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