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Relational Databases Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 109

Practice Relational databases quiz questions and answers PDF, relational databases MCQ with answers to solve data science worksheet 109 with online free courses. Practice Introduction to DBMS quiz questions with answers, relational databases Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online DBMS, DBA. Free relational databases MCQs, nested subqueries, view of data, database views, integrity constraints, relational databases test prep for computer science programs.

"The DDL statement updates the", relational databases Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices data record, data file, data dictionary, and data flow for computer science associate degree. Learn introduction to dbms questions and answers with free online certification courses for information and communication technology.

Quiz on Relational Databases PDF Download eBook

Relational Databases Quiz

MCQ: The DDL statement updates the

  1. Data file
  2. Data Record
  3. Data dictionary
  4. Data Flow


Integrity Constraints Quiz

MCQ: If any of the foreign-key columns is null, the tuple is defined automatically to satisfy the

  1. Integrity
  2. Constraint
  3. Atomicity
  4. Isolation


Database Views Quiz

MCQ: When we define a view, the database system stores the

  1. Definition of view
  2. Structure of view
  3. Domain of view
  4. Declaration of view


View of Data Quiz

MCQ: The level of abstraction that describes how the data is actually stored, is known as

  1. Virtual level
  2. Logical level
  3. View level
  4. Physical level


Nested Subqueries Quiz

MCQ: The SQL comparison <> all is identical to the operator

  1. In
  2. As
  3. Not IN
  4. Not As