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DNS Messages Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 339

DNS Messages interview questions and answers, dns messages trivia questions PDF 339 to practice Computer Networks exam questions for online classes. Practice Domain Name System MCQ questions, dns messages Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. DNS Messages Interview Questions PDF: tcp/ip suite, cable tv network, address resolution protocol, bluetooth technology, dns messages test prep for applied computer science.

"Domain Name System (DNS), has two types of messages" MCQ PDF with choices hosted and generic, query and resolver, query and responsive, and resolver and informative for online college classes. Learn domain name system questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for accelerated computer science degree online.

Trivia Quiz on DNS Messages MCQs

MCQ: Domain Name System (DNS), has two types of messages

query and resolver
hosted and generic
query and responsive
resolver and informative

MCQ: Modern Bluetooth is the implementation of protocol, defined by

IEEE 802.11 standard
IEEE 802.12 standard
IEEE 802.14 standard
IEEE 802.15 standard

MCQ: Which one of the following protocol is used to resolve an IP address and Ethernet address?

logical lease

MCQ: HFC stands for

High Fiber cable
High Frequency Cable
Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial
Hybrid Frequency Cable

MCQ: The unreliable and connectionless protocol is