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IPv4 Addresses Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 201

IPv4 Addresses interview questions and answers, ipv4 addresses trivia questions PDF 201 to practice Computer Networks exam questions for online classes. Practice Network Layer Logical Addressing MCQ questions, ipv4 addresses Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. IPv4 Addresses Interview Questions: internet working, standard ethernet, world wide web architecture, web documents, ipv4 addresses test prep for online bachelor's degree computer science.

"An Internet Protocol Version (IPv4) address is a" MCQ PDF with choices 16 bit address, 8 bit address, 32bit address, and 48 bit address for cheapest online computer science degree. Learn network layer logical addressing questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for computer majors.

Trivia Quiz on IPv4 Addresses MCQs

MCQ: An Internet Protocol Version (IPv4) address is a

8 bit address
16 bit address
32bit address
48 bit address

MCQ: A program or a script to be run at the client site are called

web documents
hyperLink documents
static documents
active documents

MCQ: In World Wide Web (WWW), an electronic store (e-commerce) can use a cookie for its

client shopper
server usage
server data
client data

MCQ: Header plus trailer of Ethernet is

12 bytes
14 bytes
16 bytes
18 bytes

MCQ: An internetwork, the frames do not carry any


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