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The Book IPv6 and IPv4 Address Space Quiz Questions and Answers PDF, ipv6 and ipv4 address space Quizzes, download chapter 19-159 to download online computer networks course. Study Network Layer Logical Addressing MCQ Questions PDF, ipv6 and ipv4 address space Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook IPv6 and IPv4 Address Space Quiz App Download: ipv6 and ipv4 address space, data communications, frame relay in vcn test prep for online degrees.

The Quiz: Internet Protocol Version (IPv6) has a larger address space of PDF, "IPv6 and IPv4 Address Space Quiz" App (Android & iOS) Free with 2x128, 2x16, 2x32, and 2x8 choices for applied computer science. Practice network layer logical addressing questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample for online computer engineering programs.

Computer Networks: IPv6 & IPv4 Address Space MCQs Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Internet Protocol Version (IPv6) has a larger address space of

A) 2x16
B) 2x128
C) 2x32
D) 2x8

MCQ: The exchange of data between two devices via some form of transmission medium such as a wire cable is known as

A) data communication
B) medium
C) duplex mode
D) multiplexing

MCQ: Frame relay operates only at

A) data link layers
B) application layer
C) physical layer
D) both a and c

MCQ: In Internet Protocol Version (IPv4) Addresses, a telephone network has three levels of

A) codes
B) hierarchy
C) ownership
D) ips

MCQ: In the Network Address Translation (NAT), all the outgoing packets go through

A) global router
B) local router
C) NAT router
D) private router

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