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Network Models MCQ with Answers PDF p. 10

Network Models MCQ with answers, Network Models quiz worksheet with answers key PDF to practice Computer Networks MCQ Test 10 for online courses. Practice osi model layers Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Network Models quiz with answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Network Models MCQs PDF: osi model layers, tcp/ip suite, network address, bit rate career test for top computer science schools.

"Route determination can be identified by" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on network models with choices application layer, transport layer, network layer, and presentation layer for online college courses. Solve osi model layers quiz questions for jobs' assessment test and online courses for computer science associate degree.

MCQs on Network Models

MCQ: Route determination can be identified by

transport layer
application layer
network layer
presentation layer

MCQ: The unreliable and connectionless protocol is


MCQ: A logical address on the Internet is currently a

8 bit address
16 bit address
32 bit address
64 bit address

MCQ: Which one of the following layers of the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model responsible for synchronization?

physical layer
data link layer
session layer
presentation layer

MCQ: A signal in which 1 bit lasts 0.001 s, the Bit rate would be


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