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Digital Transmission quiz questions and answers, Digital Transmission MCQ worksheet with answers key PDF to solve Computer Networks MCQ Test 7 for online classes. Practice digital to digital conversion MCQs, Digital Transmission MCQ questions and answers for placement and to prepare for job interview. Digital Transmission Interview Questions PDF: digital to digital conversion, analog to analog conversion, line coding schemes career test for top computer science schools.

"The actual bandwidth of a digital signal is infinite, the effective bandwidth would be" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on digital transmission with choices infinite, finite, always zero, and one for online college courses. Learn digital to digital conversion quiz questions for jobs' assessment test and online courses for computer science associate degree.

Digital Transmission Questions and Answers

MCQ: The actual bandwidth of a digital signal is infinite, the effective bandwidth would be

always zero

MCQ: The technique that is most common to change an analog signal to digital data is

delta modulation
pulse code modulation

MCQ: The 8BIlOB block coding is a combination of

5B/6B and 3B/3B
5B/6B and 3B/4B
5B/6B and 4B/4B
4B/5B and 3B/4B

MCQ: In 8B6T, the minimum bandwidth is very close to


MCQ: What would be the minimum bandwidth of Manchester and differential Manchester?

4times that of NRZ
4times that of RZ
2times that of NRZ
8times that of RZ