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Digital Transmission Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBooks p. 3

Practice Digital Transmission quiz questions and answers PDF, digital transmission trivia worksheets with answers key, computer network test 3 for online certification. Learn digital to digital conversion MCQs, Digital Transmission MCQ questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Learn digital to digital conversion, analog to analog conversion, transmission modes, synchronous transmission career test for computer and information science.

"NRZ-L and NRZ-J both have an average signal rate of" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on digital transmission with choices n baud, n/2 baud, n*2 baud, and 2m/n for accelerated computer science degree online. Practice digital to digital conversion quiz questions for jobs' assessment test and online courses for bachelor's degree in computer science.

Digital Transmission Questions and Answers PDF Download eBooks

MCQ: NRZ-L and NRZ-J both have an average signal rate of

  1. N/2 baud
  2. N baud
  3. N*2 baud
  4. 2M/N


MCQ: The Nyquist sampling rate is

  1. f
  2. 2f
  3. 4f
  4. 6f


MCQ: How many communication channels are needed for serial transmission?

  1. 1 channel
  2. n channels
  3. n+1 channels
  4. n-1 channels


MCQ: The block coding scheme that provides greater error detection capability than 4B/5B is

  1. 8RIlOR
  2. R8ZS
  3. NRZ-L
  4. NRZ-I


MCQ: In synchronous transmission, we send bits one after the another without

  1. start bit
  2. stop bit
  3. gap bit
  4. all of above