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Broad Averaging and Consequence Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 92

Broad Averaging and Consequence multiple choice questions and answers, broad averaging and consequence quiz answers PDF 92 to learn Cost Accounting course for college certification. Learn Activity based Costing and Management MCQ trivia questions, broad averaging and consequence Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Broad Averaging and Consequence MCQ PDF: price and efficiency variance, organization structure and management accountant, operation costing, flexible budget variance, broad averaging and consequence test prep for online schools for business management.

"The product which requires low amount of resources, but incur high per unit cost is classified as" MCQ PDF with choices expected over cost, expected under cost, product under costing, and product over costing for online college courses. Solve activity based costing and management questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online business university.

Broad Averaging & Consequence Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: The product which requires low amount of resources, but incur high per unit cost is classified as

expected under cost
expected over cost
product under costing
product over costing

MCQ: The flexible budget amount is $57000 and flexible budget variance is $14000, then actual result amount will be


MCQ: In process costing method, when the work done in current accounting period, and beginning inventory before current accounting period, is classified as

partial inventory costing method
current period inventory method
Last-in, first-out method
First-in, first-out method

MCQ: The cash management, investments, long and short term financing are included in

functional line

MCQ: If a company uses large quantity of input than the budgeted quantity for output level, then the company is known to be

variable growth of company
constant growth of company
company is inefficient
company is efficient

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