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The Book Payback Method Test Questions PDF, payback method quiz answers PDF, download chapter 8-28 to learn online mba cost accounting course. Solve Capital Budgeting and Cost Benefit Analysis Test PDF, payback method Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Payback Method Trivia App Download: payback method, building block concepts of costing systems, spoilage, rework and scrap terminology, inventory costing methods, refining costing system test prep for best online business management degree.

The Test: If an initial investment is $765000, the payback period is 4.5 years, then increase in future cash flow will be PDF, "Payback Method Test" App APK Download with $6,442,500, $5,645,000, $3,442,500, and $5,442,500 choices for best online business management degree. Study capital budgeting and cost benefit analysis questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for business administration and management colleges.

Accounting: Payback Method MCQs Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: If an initial investment is $765000, the payback period is 4.5 years, then increase in future cash flow will be

A) $5,645,000
B) $6,442,500
C) $3,442,500
D) $5,442,500

MCQ: A group of individual indirect cost item is defined as

A) direct pool
B) cost pool
C) indirect pool
D) item pool

MCQ: Which one of the following is an example of spoilage?

A) short lengths from wood work
B) defective aluminum cans recycled by manufacturer
C) detection of defective pieces before shipment
D) all of above

MCQ: The capacity utilization of the business, to satisfy average customer's demand, for current budget period of time is termed as

A) master budget capacity utilization
B) finite cost utilization
C) infinite cost utilization
D) infinite budget capacity utilization

MCQ: The costs of all the activities for individual products or services can be called

A) purpose level costs
B) output-unit level costs
C) input-unit level costs
D) activity level costs

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