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Throughput Costing Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook - 194

Throughput Costing quiz questions, throughput costing multiple choice questions and answers PDF 194 to learn accounting course for online certification. Practice "Capacity Analysis and Inventory Costing" quiz with answers, throughput costing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online accounting degree. Free throughput costing MCQs, specification analysis : estimation assumptions, performance measure: strategy and levels, linear cost functions, price and efficiency variance, throughput costing test prep for online BS business administration.

"If the direct material cost of sold goods is $4500 and revenues are $9000, then the contribution margin would be", throughput costing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices $4,500, −$13500, −$4500, and $13,500 for accredited online business management degree. Learn capacity analysis and inventory costing questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online master's degree in business management. Throughput Costing Video

Throughput Costing Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Throughput Costing Quiz

MCQ: If the direct material cost of sold goods is $4500 and revenues are $9000, then the contribution margin would be

  1. −$13500
  2. $4,500
  3. −$4500
  4. $13,500


Price and Efficiency Variance Quiz

MCQ: The determined price at which the company expects to pay for every single unit is called

  1. standard price
  2. input price
  3. actual input
  4. output price


Linear Cost Functions Quiz

MCQ: In the linear cost function, which is y = a + bx, the 'y' is classified as

  1. predicted fixed cost
  2. predicted variable cost
  3. predicted cost
  4. predicted price


Performance Measure: Strategy and Levels Quiz

MCQ: The formal information systems, used in organizations to focus company's learning and attention, given to the most important strategic issues are known as

  1. interactive control system
  2. belief systems
  3. boundary systems
  4. diagnostic control systems


Specification Analysis : Estimation Assumptions Quiz

MCQ: In the specification analysis, the assumptions related to linearity states but linearity must be within

  1. irrelevant range
  2. relevant range
  3. significant range
  4. insignificant range