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Heterotrophic Nutrition Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 181

Heterotrophic Nutrition quiz questions and answers, heterotrophic nutrition MCQ with answers PDF 181 to solve College Biology mock tests for online college programs. Solve Nutrition trivia questions, heterotrophic nutrition Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Heterotrophic Nutrition Quiz PDF: fungi reproduction, osmoregulation, animals reproduction, introduction to reproduction, heterotrophic nutrition test prep for completely online college.

"All the insectivorous plants are true" MCQ PDF with choices autotrophs, heterotrophs, hypotrophs, and none of others for SAT test prep classes. Practice nutrition questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for completely online college.

Quiz on Heterotrophic Nutrition MCQs

MCQ: All the insectivorous plants are true

none of others

MCQ: A special condition of rest which enables an embryo to survive the long periods of unfavorable conditions is called

seed sleep
seed inactivity
seed dormancy
seed rest

MCQ: Once the placenta is established, it starts secreting the hormone


MCQ: The capacity to tolerate dehydration in animals is termed as

none of others

MCQ: The reproductive structures of spores are called


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