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Types of Retailers Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download 22

Types of Retailers quiz questions and answers, types of retailers MCQs with answers PDF to solve commerce worksheet 22 for online graduate programs. Practice "Retailer Trade" quiz questions with answers, types of retailers Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve bachelor of commerce test with answers for online university degrees. Free types of retailers MCQs, advantages of large-scale retailing, consumer legislation, types of retailers test prep for online colleges for business administration.

"In street markets retailer can be", types of retailers Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices service provider, supplier, shopkeeper, and owner for online bachelor's degree in administration. Learn retailer trade questions and answers with free online certification courses for business administration and management colleges.

Quiz on Types of Retailers PDF Download 22

Types of Retailers Quiz

MCQ: In street markets retailer can be

  1. supplier
  2. service provider
  3. shopkeeper
  4. owner


Types of Retailers Quiz

MCQ: Owner of the business allow others to run branches in the return for the certain payments is called

  1. discount stores
  2. department stores
  3. firms
  4. franchises


Consumer Legislation Quiz

MCQ: Which of the following act is only applicable for business transactions?

  1. the sale of goods act 1979
  2. credit consumer act 1979
  3. the fair trading act 1973
  4. the unsolicited goods and service act 1971


Advantages of Large-Scale Retailing Quiz

MCQ: The prices of the product can directly be read from

  1. numerical codes
  2. searching
  3. rates
  4. packings


Specialization and Division of Labor Quiz

MCQ: Division of labor normally allows

  1. saving on tools
  2. distribution of income
  3. saving of income
  4. saving of money