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The Book Pattern of Distribution Quiz Questions and Answers, pattern of distribution MCQs with answers PDF chapter 4-18 to download online courses, business commerce tests. Solve Distribution of Goods To Producer To Consumer MCQ questions, pattern of distribution Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Pattern of Distribution MCQ App Download: disadvantages of large-scale retailing, problems linked to credit purchases, specialization and division of labor, economic system, pattern of distribution test prep for online business administration degree classes.

The MCQ Quiz: Balancing the supply and demand is the function of PDF, "Pattern of Distribution" App APK Download with suppliers, retailer, wholesaler, and distributers choices for BA in business administration. Study distribution of goods to producer to consumer questions and answers, Apple Book to download free sample for online classes for business management degree.

Business Commerce: Pattern of Distribution MCQ Questions PDF Download

MCQ: Balancing the supply and demand is the function of

A) Retailer
B) suppliers
C) wholesaler
D) distributers

MCQ: The most expensive way of communication in trading is

A) advertising
B) posting
D) internet

MCQ: The place where independent business producing similar articles is called

A) company
B) firms
C) industry
D) merchant banks

MCQ: Retailers who deals hire purchase agreement

A) facilitates the consumer wrongly
B) don't take full payment
C) don't allow consumer to sign agreement
D) do not facilitate consumer financially

MCQ: Over staffing problem is the disadvantage of

A) large-scale retailing
B) large-scale shopping
C) super stores
D) economies of scale

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