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Marketing Research quiz questions, marketing research multiple choice questions and answers PDF 65 to learn Principles of Marketing BBA course for college certification. Practice "Managing Marketing Information Customer Insights" quiz, marketing research Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Free marketing research MCQs, business actions and sustainable markets, what is a product, marketing research test prep for online business and administration degree.

"Marketing myopia is to pay attention to", marketing research Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices benefits produced by products, product offered by company, experiences associated with products, and none of above for online colleges for business management. Learn managing marketing information customer insights questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online bachelor's degree in business administration.

Marketing Research Questions and Answers


Marketing myopia is to pay attention to

Product offered by company
Benefits produced by products
Experiences associated with products
None of above


The major product variables that retailers must consider includes

services mix
product assortment
store atmosphere
all of above


The 'customer markets' & 'publics' are included in company's environment called

Macro environment
Both a and b
None of above


Considering types of retailer stores, the one which is low margin, high volume and offers self-service operations to serve consumers grocery needs is classified as

selective market
super market
extensive market
exclusive market


In the product life cycle growth stage, the marketing objective is to

create product awareness
maximize the market share
defend market share and profits
reduce expenditure