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Media Marketing Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 115

Practice Media Marketing quiz questions and answers, media marketing MCQs with answers PDF to solve marketing worksheet 115 for online graduate programs. Practice "Marketing Communications Customer Value" quiz questions with answers, media marketing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve marketing test with answers for online marketing degree. Free media marketing MCQs, new product development process, competitive positions, vertical marketing systems, place decision, media marketing test prep for online BS business administration.

"The random samples are drawn from mutually exclusive groups in", media marketing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices cluster sample, stratified random sample, simple random sample, and convenience sample for accredited online business management degree. Learn marketing communications customer value questions and answers with free online certification courses for online master's degree in business management.

Quiz on Media Marketing PDF Download eBook

Media Marketing Quiz

MCQ: The random samples are drawn from mutually exclusive groups in

  1. stratified random sample
  2. cluster sample
  3. simple random sample
  4. convenience sample


Place Decision Quiz

MCQ: In PLC stages, the stage in which the product has rapid market acceptance and profits are likely to increase slightly is called

  1. growth stage
  2. repetition stage
  3. turbulent stage
  4. non-turbulent


Vertical Marketing Systems Quiz

MCQ: The products that are usually distributed through fewer stores but with increased customer services is called

  1. shopping specialty products
  2. less convenient sought products
  3. shopping products
  4. unsought industrial product


Competitive Positions Quiz

MCQ: The types of consumer buying behavior are

  1. Two types
  2. Three types
  3. Four types
  4. Five types


New Product Development Process Quiz

MCQ: According to promotional mix, the method which follows corporate image building, handling unfavorable events and stories to get favorable publicity is called

  1. sales promotion
  2. personal selling
  3. public relations
  4. advertising