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Differential Pricing Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 73

Practice Differential Pricing quiz questions and answers, differential pricing MCQ with answers PDF 73 to solve Marketing Management mock tests for online college programs. Solve Developing Pricing Strategies trivia questions, differential pricing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Differential Pricing Quiz PDF: service mix categories, what is brand equity, auction type pricing, key psychological processes, differential pricing test prep for online classes business administration.

"The price discrimination in which seller charges less to the customers, who buy in large volumes is classified as", differential pricing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices first-degree price discrimination, second-degree price discrimination, third-degree discrimination, and fourth-degree discrimination for online business administration school. Practice developing pricing strategies questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online schools for business administration.

Quiz on Differential Pricing MCQs


The price discrimination in which seller charges less to the customers, who buy in large volumes is classified as

second-degree price discrimination
first-degree price discrimination
third-degree discrimination
fourth-degree discrimination


The Herzberg's theory is based on two factors those are

satisfiers and dissatisfies
formal and informal
regular and irregulars
all of the above


The bidding technique in which only one bid is submitted by sellers is classified as

equalizing-bid auctions
descending bids auction
ascending bids auctions
sealed-bid auctions


The report on company's past performance which indicates current value of the brand is considered as

brand stature
brand value
brand awareness
brand knowledge


The qualities of product that buyers evaluate after purchasing the product is classified as

minor qualities
search qualities
credence qualities
experience qualities

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