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Customer Service Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook - 128

Practice Customer Service quiz questions, customer service multiple choice questions and answers PDF to prepare marketing management exam worksheet 128 for online certificate programs. Practice "Analyzing Business Markets" quiz with answers, customer service Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve marketing test with answers for online marketing degree. Free customer service MCQs, differential pricing, what is organizational buying, components of modern marketing information system, branding strategy in marketing, customer service test prep for online business management degree programs.

"When customers are given with the perspective that allows the company to put its best services forward are classified as", customer service Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices outsourcing, framing, off shoring, and selling for business management classes online. Learn analyzing business markets questions and answers with free online certification courses for online college courses.

Customer Service Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Customer Service Quiz

MCQ: When customers are given with the perspective that allows the company to put its best services forward are classified as

  1. framing
  2. outsourcing
  3. off shoring
  4. selling


Branding Strategy in Marketing Quiz

MCQ: The parent brand if it is associated with multiple products in brand extension is called

  1. family brand
  2. product extension
  3. sub-product
  4. parent company


Components of Modern Marketing information System Quiz

MCQ: The 'public blogs' and customer complaint sites are examples of

  1. marketing management
  2. building marketing records
  3. field work
  4. marketing intelligence on internet


What is Organizational Buying Quiz

MCQ: The buying situation in which suppliers make effort to maintain quality of materials is classified as

  1. straight rebuy
  2. turned rebuy
  3. new buy
  4. purpose buying


Differential Pricing Quiz

MCQ: The price discrimination in which same product is charged differently at different places even though cost of offering the product is exactly same is known as

  1. customer segment pricing
  2. product-form pricing
  3. location pricing
  4. channel pricing