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The Book Industrial Goods Classification Quiz Questions PDF, industrial goods classification Quizzes, download chapter 14-125 to learn online bba marketing management course. Practice Product Strategy Setting MCQs with answers PDF, industrial goods classification Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The eBook Industrial Goods Classification Quiz App Download: industrial goods classification, targeted marketing, maximizing customer lifetime value test prep for business administration bachelor degree online.

The Quiz: The portable factory and office equipment such as hand tools, desks and personal computers are classified as PDF, "Industrial Goods Classification Quiz" App Download (Free) with repair items, emergency items, equipment, and operating supplies choices for online BBA courses. Solve product strategy setting questions and answers, Amazon eBook to download free sample for best online business management degree.

Marketing Management: Industrial Goods Classification Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: The portable factory and office equipment such as hand tools, desks and personal computers are classified as

A) emergency items
B) repair items
C) equipment
D) operating supplies

MCQ: When the firm concentrates on serving needs of any specific customer group, it is considered as

A) product specialization
B) market specialization
C) single product concentration
D) mass customization

MCQ: The customer's lifetime purchases that generate the net present value of future profit streams is called

A) customer lifetime value
B) customer purchases value
C) customer cost incurred
D) customer relationships

MCQ: In close-ended question, the use of scale having two bipolar words to record response of respondent's is classified as

A) semantic differential
B) Likert scale
C) multiple choice
D) dichotomous

MCQ: The type of question which consists of an importance scale for some attributes and respondents is classified as

A) semantic differential
B) importance scale
C) multidimensional scale
D) least important scale

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