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Growth of Factors of Production Trivia Questions and Answers PDF p. 93


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Growth of Factors of Production MCQ questions and answers, growth of factors of production quiz answers PDF 93 to practice Economics exam questions for online classes. Practice Economic Growth and International Trade MCQ questions, growth of factors of production Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Growth of Factors of Production Quizzes PDF: mercantilist's view on trade, import quota, other non-tariff barriers and new protectionism, deadweight loss of taxation, growth of factors of production test prep for online business administration degree.

"The changes in capital and labor becomes almost equal when both increased by same rate only when" MCQ PDF with choices factors are identical, factors are neutral, factors are carrying, and factor is one for online business management degree programs. Learn economic growth and international trade questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for BA in business administration.

Trivia Quiz on Growth of Factors of Production MCQs

MCQ: The changes in capital and labor becomes almost equal when both increased by same rate only when

factors are neutral
factors are identical
factors are carrying
factor is one

MCQ: In economics, there is loss of economic efficiency that can occur when equilibrium for a good or service is not achieved or is not achievable is known as

tax burden
deadweight loss
loss of buying or selling
loss of technology

MCQ: Dumping is just like monopoly but in dumping one is the domestic market and the other is a

foreign market

MCQ: Import quota is being levied to benefit the people and industries of

own country
single community
single individual

MCQ: The term that refers as the less the government is involved in the economy, the better off business will be and society as a whole is called as


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