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Measurement of Inequality multiple choice questions and answers, measurement of inequality quiz answers PDF 80 to learn Economics course for college certification. Learn Income Inequality and Poverty MCQ trivia questions, measurement of inequality Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Measurement of Inequality MCQ PDF: income determination in closed economy, between monopoly and perfect competition, production possibility frontier with increasing costs, elasticity and total revenue along linear demand curve, measurement of inequality test prep for online business administration degree classes.

"The theory of utilitarianism is based on the concept of" MCQ PDF with choices constant increasing returns to scale, increasing marginal utility, law of equality, and diminishing marginal utility for BA in business administration. Solve income inequality and poverty questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online classes for business management degree.

Measurement of Inequality Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: The theory of utilitarianism is based on the concept of

increasing marginal utility
constant increasing returns to scale
law of equality
diminishing marginal utility

MCQ: A graphical display which shows the relationship between the price of a commodity and the quantity of that commodity consumers can pay at a specific period of time is known as

IS-LM curve
budget line
linear demand curve
indifference curve

MCQ: An illustration of different combinations of commodity quantities that would bring a whole?community?the same level of utility is called as

indifference curves
production possibility frontier
community indifference curves

MCQ: Which of the following is not a type of market structure?

free market

MCQ: The relationship between country's marginal propensity to consume and their level of absorption is

no relationship

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