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Chapter 13: Applied Physics Practice Tests

Applied Physics MCQs - Chapter 13

Vector and Equilibrium Quiz Questions PDF - 3

The Book Vector and Equilibrium Quiz Questions PDF, Vector and Equilibrium MCQ with answers, test 3 to study online Applied Physics Course. Practice Torque in Physics MCQs, Vector and Equilibrium MCQ questions and answers PDF to prepare for job interview. The eBook Vector and Equilibrium Quiz App Download: product of two vectors, equilibrium of torque, magnitude of a vector career test for colleges offering online degree programs.

The Quiz: The magnitude of torque is represented by the formula PDF, Vector and Equilibrium App iOS & Android (Free) with l + f, l × f, l - f, and l/f choices for best online ACT prep class. Study torque in physics quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for 2 year online degrees.

Physics: Vector & Equilibrium Quiz Questions PDF Download

MCQ: The magnitude of torque is represented by the formula

A) l × F
B) l + F
C) l - F
D) l/F

MCQ: Cross product of A×B with Sin(0) would produce results equal to

A) A.B
B) A×B
D) A

MCQ: Sum of all the torques acting on a body is zero, this condition represents equilibrium's

A) first condition
B) second condition
C) third condition
D) fourth condition

MCQ: Position vector is the vector that defines the vector's

A) angle
B) direction
C) magnitude
D) position

MCQ: Scalar product of A.B with angle 180° would produce results equal to

A) A.B
B) (-AB)
D) B

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